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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Vinny Eastwood talks with Dean Clifford, Released From Prison & Working Harder Than Ever

Vinny Eastwood Show - Dean Clifford, Released From Prison & Working Harder Than Ever
Original source: http://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/2015-archives/dean-clifford-released-from-prison-working-harder-than-ever

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Earth Stewardship Cooperative

The Earth Stewardship Cooperative, or ESC for short, is a community based and crowd funded initiative to build a new and distinct Society on this Earth free from the archaic and dogmatic constraints of what we have been led to believe are nations and governments that we owe allegiance to from the day we are born and must obey upon fear of reprisal no matter how preposterous their rules, regulations and taxes are.

Let's face it, we all know that things are terribly wrong, and some of us know that most of these corporations pretending to be governments are nothing more than institutions of slavery to benefit the few at the expense of the many. Governments should fear the People, the People should not fear the Governments. I not only believe, but I know that there is a better way to manage Our own lives and make this Earth a better place for Us all.

The ESC is the result of 15 years of research into law, fighting the current regimes destroying this Earth and doing my best to wake people up to the frauds and crimes being committed across this beautiful Earth that we require for a Home. If this is the best that these existing institutions can do, and voting in rigged and privileged elections every few years is the only "fix" we have for this problem, then clearly something completely new is needed, something so far outside of the current social normal that it cannot be corrupted or incorporated by the existing regimes, something that relies on honesty and being completely open to scrutiny, not the secrecy and lies we have come to expect and accept from the current debacle known as 'Government'.

The reason most people believe, falsely, that they cannot leave the current "System" is that there is no place to go. You will starve or have to live in a cabin in the woods. This simply is not true. Granted, a new and fantastically different Society will be an adjustment for some, and a welcome one at that for most, but the idea is to build something of Our own for Us, and then others will have a place to go when they are ready to leave the system of slavery they are now subject to. 

Having said that, the first members of the ESC will be Pioneers in the wilderness of modern democracy, otherwise known as mob rule where the rights of the individual are erased in exchange for collectivism. The ESC does not hold to such values. We value the rights and freedoms of the individual as being paramount and the foundation of any Society, and we believe that the only limitation that should ever be placed on man is harming the Earth, Our Home.

Today is the 21st day of the month of August in the year 2015 C.E., and to believe that with the technology available to us today that we cannot live a richer and fuller life while not engaging in environmentally destructive practices is simply preposterous. We are not only going to prove that is it possible, but that it is necessary and we cannot wait a moment longer as every day that we wait to build Our own future is a day longer that we give to the insane megalomaniacs in charge of the current system to destroy this Earth through artificial famine, wars and scarcity for their own unjust enrichment.

The ESC is going to lead by example and will simply become an option for people, or competition. If people believe and feel that we are a viable and preferable option, then they will join Us. If they believe and feel that the existing systems are working fine and depend on them for their paycheck, then they will stay there. However, for the first time, people will have a choice, a real and informed choice as to where they wish to put their energy. People will have a choice as to where they will contribute as well as a choice to contribute at all.

International Laws such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights have bound the existing governments of the World to recognize and respect the rights of the individual to make an informed choice to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of a society, which they fail to do. Most people do not know this despite the fact that these same nations are bound by similar Covenants to teach you these individual, intrinsic and inalienable Rights and Freedoms and then give you the informed choice of contributing to their society, which they also fail to do. The ESC wants people to have the informed choice of supporting the existing institutions, supporting the ESC as a distinct Society of its own, or to not contribute to anything and govern their own life in accordance with these Covenants.

The ESC wants to lead by example and by not forcing itself or its principles on any man or woman for any reason. In the truest and most honourable sense of making an informed decision, the ESC wants people to join because they believe in Our Goals, in Our Purpose, and because it will eventually be more beneficial to their lives to be a part or it than to not be a part of it. Despite the fact that you are free to leave any society, the existing regimes do not want you to know that you have a choice. We want you to know that you do have a choice and people should be loyal to a society because it is the best one available, not because it is the only one available.

The money that is contributed by members will be used to buy land, build farms, start farmers market and start businesses that are all debt free, removed from the system and operating according to Our principles and for Our Cultural, Social and Economic development. We will also be doing specific fundraisers for special projects and will put out "The Call" to our members and if they feel it is worth supporting, they will support it. That is true choice and the ability to make a true informed decision.

The ESC will be posting constant videos and photos of our projects to keep the members updated and informed as to our progress and how the organization is growing. This way, if people feel that the organization is not being effective or living up to its goals based on the level of member support, they are free to voice their concerns and/or cease supporting the initiative. Again, true freedom of informed choices by informed members who want a better Earth for us all. We all live Here.

Rome was not built in a day, and neither will the ESC. So, come help Us build the ESC. The only thing at stake is your Freedom, your Future, and that of the Earth and your children.

Thank You

Dean C. Clifford

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Original Source: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2015/04/RIR-150403.php

Yes, it is official; Dean Clifford is currently no longer being physically detained at Brandon Correctional, Manitoba by officers, and/or agents and/or employees of HER MAJESTY.

In this first exclusive public video update since his recent release, Dean briefly discusses the realities of his forcible confinement spanning the last 1 1/2 years and touches on his short term goals.

"Thank you all very much for your support, well wishes and prayers. I deeply appreciate it. Yes, I am talking to you." ~ Dean C. Clifford March 20, 2015

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Unlawfully kidnapped

Since November 24, 2013, the flesh and blood living man commonly known as Dean Christopher Clifford, has been unlawfully kidnapped and forcibly confined against his will and tortured by Agents and/or Officers and/or Employees of a foreign entity and usurper of our land called HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF CANADA in a certain contrivance.

Their accomplices and co-conspirators include directors, officers and agents and employees of: CANADA INC, HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF THE PROVINCE OF MANITOBA, the RCMP, certain members of THE PARLIAMENT OF CANADA, THE PROVINCE OF MANITOBA and the LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY, THE GOVERNOR GENERAL’S OFFICE, certain members of the BAR, THE PRIVY COUNCIL, and many other ‘actors’ both foreign and domestic.

Their acts are steeped in depravity, and will be recorded in history as such. All simply for Dean daring to teach the men and women of this land their natural rights, and for the audacity to have a mind to restore real law, order and justice to this land we love and call our home.

Your Birth Right has been usurped. With God’s will, you may learn who you are and how to claim what was given to you.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Building the Future

Hello to everyone who bothers to stop in, as I sit and enjoy my early Saturday morning coffee, with Cinnamon and Maple Sugar. I want to begin by expressing the Will of this site, what I hope to achieve, and more importantly…what I hope that We achieve as the custodians of this planet. We are all just explorers in the modern age, and society has become the untamed and dangerous wilds that we must map and navigate if we are to be free to self-determine. We either evolve or we devolve, and one can easily guess which direction we have been going for several hundred years now. It appears to be time yet again, for all man, to strike out on our own and chart our own course, if we are to build our own better future.

Now, that is as profound as I want to attempt and pretend at. So, on to some background for this posting. I was in court, again, yesterday for a civil matter. As is usual, the night before I was up late thinking of some new excellent motion to draft, some new affidavit that would put people in their place, and I was preparing for how I would tear a strip out of that Judge if he dared mouth off to me, and I was preparing insults for the Lawyer of the Defendant (I’m the Plaintiff), when I realized something, and looked in the mirror in horror, to the realization that I was caught up in their game of ignorance. I also realized, that I was angry, and that I was looking for a fight, and I was ready at the first sign to attack and go on the offensive in an irrational and illogical manner.

I think my experiences over the years has caused me to assume that every Judge, every Lawyer, and every Police Officer is a malicious piece of garbage who deserves no respect or quarter. At the same time, we make a lot of noise about how much we do not appreciate being labelled generally as ignorant, anti-government, cop hating anarchists. It was the moment that I realized that I am just as bad as the people I despise. This has happened a couple times in the past and once again, I looked in the mirror, and I am a Hypocrite.

The great part about realizing that something is wrong, and that mistakes have been made, is that you can go back and fix them. Now, there are people out there that want nothing to do with the Person, they have abandoned it the same way they believe falsely that their God has abandoned them, yet they have done the same, abandoned their Person to be legally plundered on the seas of Commerce. There are those of us who have taken the opposite approach, and we have armed our Person with Cannons and Greek Fire, and we attack ANYTHING coming near us out of fear that they are wanting to rape and pillage us, instead of trade peacefully with us. Clearly, something more in the middle is needed.

Again, there does need to be some type of system in place as there are billions of incompetent people out there who really would run amok and act like children, drunk driving, stealing, killing, you name it. The system works pretty good for those people. I know it works pretty well, it beat me into shape as I was once quite ignorant, although I have always been a rather responsible individual, even as a child. I would not be the Man I am today without that push to go and learn and make myself better, more educated, and come back stronger every time to overcome what they put in front of me. When you think about it, they are really just a personal trainer in the game of life. Life is not fair, and nature is very harsh, so suck it up buttercup and learn. We did not become the dominant species on this planet (debatable) by hugging every Lion and Grizzly Bear, and running naked through the frozen northern hemisphere. We adapted and evolved, we became stronger, more intelligent, and more versatile. So, my question is, has anything really changed since then?

Back to my hearing in civil court yesterday. When it was my turn to answer to a motion brief from the Defendant to strike my statement of claim based on the following procedures and case law they presented, I had no paperwork filed. It seemed simple to me, I was at peace. I simply stated to the Master in Chambers that I had no paperwork, as there was nothing to make answer to. They presented not one fact or claim, instead relying completely on citing procedure and case law. I then stated that case law has nothing to do with my claim or its own merits, and that procedure cannot overcome substance, as equity favours substance over form. I said that I have an injury, I have facts to substantiate it, this is a matter of equity, and forms and procedures cannot overcome that. I said I wanted a hearing to see my facts and claims because it is my understanding that the Law is Truth, and that the purpose of the Law Courts is to uncover the Truth, and that using procedure and forms to overcome a valid claim not only disarms the reasonable and common man, but it is not in the interests of serving the Law, who’s sole purpose to is uncover the truth, and not bury it more in procedure and irrelevant case law.

I did not prepare for that, that came out of my mouth with no preparation at all. How hard was that? Now, considering their motion is for a claim I filed 5 years ago, for which I failed to answer a motion for particulars they filed 4 years ago now, this should have been an immediate granting and striking of the claim as my delay prejudiced the Defendant, according to procedure. I was not vigilante with my claim, because this all surrounds a matter involving my jobsite accident in 2005 where I was crushed and almost died, so I spent the last 7 years rebuilding my life and trying to forget about those awful couple of years. But now I am prepared to revisit it, so we will see what happens.

Back to the matter at hand. The Master of Law (Judge) then told me that this would be a really tough decision, and will need 3 weeks to make it. This should have been cut and dry, it’s been 4 years that I have not answered a motion for particulars. However, does fact and substance not overcome procedure? Either way this pans out, one thing is clear. We know that Lawyers cannot dabble in our arena. They are dead fictions. They exist only in procedure and case law. Someone with only a little bit of knowledge and a claim can overcome any of these obstacles, especially when one is vigilant with their rights.

Now on to my point. In keeping with the new year, and the start of the new age in 6 days, I have decided I need to be reborn right along with this galactic alignment, and re-align myself. This site will not be dedicated to showing people how to attack and destroy, or to be spiteful and emotional, as I believe I am not serving the interests of Law and my fellow man by doing any of that. I want to learn to serve the truth, to uncover it, and be its servant. I want to learn, I want to be better, all the time. I want to wake up and be a better man than I was the day before, every day. I want to help educate my brothers and sisters here on this planet so that we build the future we want, instead of fighting the future that others want. If we build a better party, people will come to ours, and there will be no fighting. I want to lead by example, and be led by example. I want to cooperate with anyone who has these same ambitions, and leave fighting to weak minded people who do not have the ability to talk and express themselves in any other way.

I have claimed before that this is a war against ignorance, and that ignorance was my enemy. So, the first battle has been with myself and realizing where I was ignorant, and how to change that. This battle never ends, it is a battle until the day we leave this place and this form of existence. Ignorance is a deadly disease, and I believe that Apathy is one of its most deadly forms. How does a man stand by and watch the horrible things being done on this planet, and the harm being caused, and the crimes against his Brother, yet say and do nothing? Apathy is a disease.

One of the few things I was correct on, I believe, is that nobody else is going to fix this. The job is ours, it is our responsibility. Logic and reason overcomes anything, and disarms any adversary. Anger and irrational behavior is the exclusive jurisdiction of an uneducated and poorly equipped mind. If our minds go somewhere else, and our mind, being our Spirit, is all that carries on to the next plane of existence, why would you not spend your life preparing and improving the one and only thing that you take with you? To do anything else would be illogical and, therefore, against the Law.
Hosea 4:6 “My people suffer for a lack of knowledge”
We suffer for no other reason, or lack thereof.

Dean C. Clifford

Thursday, 30 May 2013


Has Everyone started to participate in “Divestment 2013″ yet?

This is where we all divest and defund the system that we all seem to despise so much. This is the most simple movement, and low risk movement that ANYONE could possibly join. Here’s how easy it is:

1. Cancel your satellite or cable package. This will lead to an increase in brain function, and a decrease in funding for our enemies (enemies of freedom of thought and choice.)

2. Stop buying anything in a box from the grocery store. The box, and the alleged “food” inside are typically made from the same thing. GMO corn that is designed to produce BT toxin which kills rats (who are far harder to kill than people) as well as the fact that GMO products kill all beneficial bacteria in the intestines as well as multiple other proven health concerns which all lead to cancer and death. If you feed that shit to your kids, you are a bad parent. Yes, I just said that. Also, that nutrition-less garbage is taxed to hell and back, a trip you will only take one way if you keep funding the enemies of freedom. Fresh veggies and fruit and better, even if petro-farmed, and are TAX FREE! Shop wisely, vote with your dollar.

3. Necessity shopping. This entire system is dependent on you luxury shopping. That means all the shit that you don’t really need, you just simply want it. When you “desires” fund the people trying to kill us, then you are part of the problem. Remember, these products cost you more than just money, they cost you your future, health, and freedom. Factor that into the price of your next purchase.

4. Zero Quality items. Anything from China is packaged for direct deposit into the landfill, and you are funding the worlds largest prison. Congratulations on polluting and supporting slavery. Quit buying junk, quit shopping from Walmart, and quit buying items that have 10x in packaging than the item you are buying. I can assure you that a clutter free home is a truly wonderful experience.
This is just the start, but remember, even foreign corporate democracies that are trying to kill us…..what you commonly believe to be your government, require funding at some level. The more we yank out, the more they have to downsize and lay off collection agents, like Police, the IRS, and CRA.

“But Dean, they have millions of dollars! How can we fight that?” Simple, there are millions of us, and they need someone to work. They must eat also, and require our labour for everything that they do.

Again, what is 10 people with a Million Dollars each compared to a Million People with 10 dollars each? Same amount of money, but 999,990 more people. In a firefight, I like our odds better. So, now that we have determined that money is not the insurmountable issue that most people seem to believe, when are you going to get off your procrastinating ass and start doing something? If you can afford a coffee every day, then you can afford $30 a month to support freedom movements. A million people taking $30 each out of the system every month and supporting a competing system is a pretty big start, and one that even homeless people can afford. Are you so useless that you cannot sacrifice to find $30 a month to fight for your freedom? People around the world, and throughout history have sacrificed their lives, hundreds of millions of lives, but you cannot be bothered to sacrifice 2 packs of smokes to fight for freedom?

The time to stop whining, bitching, and making excuses ended approximately a decade ago. The problem has been identified, and the solution has been tendered. So, now what is your excuse? For those that still want to bury their heads up their asses and deny the obvious so that their self inflicted delusions can continue to bring meaning to their life, go find a quiet corner and just stay out of the fucking way, because you are part of the problem.

Dean C. Clifford

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